Guitarist/Recording Artist, Dan Hanczar continues to write songs and perform live.

Dan’s album credits include: Be Thankful (Original songs about faith and family) Summer (an eclectic mix of original rock, pop, jazz and country celebrating the beauty of summertime) Christmas of the Ancestors (an array of original and traditional Christmas music performed by the Dan Hanczar Orchestra) Ancient Dreams (an EP of three songs penned by Dan)

Several singles have also been recorded by Dan Hanczar including Dragonfly, Dolores Kelly, and Zombies on the Beach.

Dan’s live performance career spans over 50 years. He can be heard playing music with: The Dan Hanczar Orchestra (summer and Christmas concert performances), The TMG Big Band (Big Band jazz), Morgan and Company (jazz, pop, country, rock), The Danny McGoo Duo (folk, jazz, Irish, etc.), and Dan Solo (acoustic, blues, rock, gospel, etc.)