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 Be Thankful: This is Dan’s debut CD. This is an album of intimate, personal songs of faith and family in a wide variety of styles from folk to rock. Tracks include “God’s Love,” “Someone is Watching,” and “Thank You, Lord.”

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Summer.. Songs by Dan Hanczar is his second CD release, a collection of original tunes themed around summertime and the ocean. From flat-out rockers such as Body Surf and Rock n Roll and Fifth Grade Boy to the mellow Forces of Nature and Down to the Keys to the festive happiness of Bahama Wedding to the easy country feel of Chester, South Carolina, Dan and his talented musician/friends take you on a musical journey to childhood summers and ocean-side beauty.


Christmas of the Ancestors: Dan’s latest album utilizes violin, cello, and other unique musical elements to bring you six original tunes and six traditional Christmas songs. Catch one of his annual Christmas concert performances.



Zombies on the Beach: This is a zany single I wrote at the beach one day.